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2009 W.L. Boddy Pharmacy of the Year: Hawkstone Home Health Care Pharmacy

Jordan AllenHawkstone Home Health care Pharmacy
Manager: Jordan Allen

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"It’s karma: treat others with respect and be good to them and they’ll help you as well."

Those words tumbled off manager Jordan Allen’s tongue as if this concept had just occurred to her, but it quickly becomes clear through her actions, the attitude of her staff, and the whole feel of the pharmacy that this philosophy is at the very core of Hawkstone Home Health Care Pharmacy.

Opened in west Edmonton in November 2005, Hawkstone has been busy carving out a unique niche for itself. Concentrating solely on the health needs of their customers, they offer nothing but pharmacy services and health care products. “My dad is a pharmacist and my mom is a retired physician with her MBA, so I grew up around health care. My mom and I co-own the store and she had the vision of a location that offered more holistic care. We wanted somewhere where people got health information and education along with their medication.”

They are well on their way to realizing that vision. In addition to all the regular pharmacy services, Hawkstone provides extensive diabetes care, specialty compounding, and are an authorized Alberta Aids to Daily Living supplier. While all of these offerings come with their own set of challenges, Jordan and her staff feel those are outweighed by the reward of better patient care.

This “health care only” focus is now one of the things their customers love most about them, but Jordan admits it was a bit confusing to people at first. “They came in looking for the convenience store stuff and didn’t quite know what to make of us.” As word spreads however, Hawkstone is becoming the “go to” location for patients looking for superb clinical care.

The two full-time and one-part time pharmacists working there have helped Hawkstone garner a reputation as a pharmacy where relationships are key and staff take the time to treat the whole patient. This reputation has lead to loyal patients and collaborations with nearby physiotherapy, massage, dental and veterinary clinics, and a neighbouring assisted living facility.

“It’s hard to describe the effort, compassion and the extent to which customer service is epitomized but the Hawkstone Home Health Care Pharmacy is all those things and more,” says Rachel Humphrey of Hawkstone Physical Therapy. “We joined the group of businesses in our complex two years ago and have since been witness to the [pharmacy’s] dedication to providing exceptional support to home health care...”

The drive to offer the best for their patients also motivates the staff to make time to improve their practice. Two pharmacists have received their authorization to administer drugs by injection and one, Erin Meier (you can read more about her in the Winter 2009 acpnews), was recently certified as a diabetes educator.

“Pharmacy is great because there is always something more to learn,” observes Jordan. “We’re members of the Professional Compounding Centers of America, so there’s always new information from there. We’re participating in the Pharmacy Practice Models Initiative, so that will open our eyes to new ideas. And it’s different from being in school. I learned things there, but it was all theory. It’s much different when you want to learn something for a patient you actually know. It’s also good to have your own store because then you can do things the way you want to.”

Rushing off to help a customer, Jordan sums up in words what her pharmacy abundantly demonstrates: “I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.” That’s going to come as good news to the many patients and health professionals who have come to trust and depend on Hawkstone Home Health Care Pharmacy.