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2011 W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Award: Loblaw Pharmacy #4009

Nabil FanousLowblaw Pharmacy #4009
Manager: Nabil Fanous
Beaumont, AB

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The first clue that there might be something special about Loblaw Pharmacy 4009 was the fact that they were nominated for the W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Award not by a single person, but by a physician, other health care professionals and several patients. Next came the details...

Two pharmacists, Nabil Fanous and Barb Willis, along with two pharmacy assistants, Donna Eisenkrein and Irene Roadhouse, operate the pharmacy 9-9 on weekdays and 9-6 on weekends. The pharmacists personally do deliveries in Edmonton and Beaumont after their shifts. They offer injections and custom compounding. They offer asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis clinics. Staff know the majority of patients by name and visit them if they are in hospital. They call every patient to follow up the day after they have a prescription filled. Because the pharmacy closes on statutory holidays, the staff personally notify in excess of 700 patients annually to inform them of the closures to allow for refills or to discuss adaptation if they will not have enough medication.

“We really try to offer total patient care; we go as deep as possible with each patient,” says Nabil. “We counsel not only on their prescription, but tie in their other medications, over-the-counter products, and lifestyle. We work with their doctor and their other health professionals. We always try to make the circle complete.”

To make the care more complete for patients, the pharmacy purchased a wheelchair for their store to assist patients with mobility problems. They also have a unique crutch rental program. “Patients pay $3.00 for a one-week rental,” explains Nabil. “Obviously, this isn’t to make us money, but is just a sign of commitment with the patient.” The pharmacy is also purchasing a nebulizer (a device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs) that will be available for patients to rent.

When speaking with their patients, their appreciation quickly becomes obvious. “Nabil and Barb are leaders in the workplace, supervising staff and mentoring, never being rattled by problems brought to them by their patients, employer or customers. Such problems are approached with calm and a ‘let’s figure out together how we can solve
this’ approach,” notes one patient.

Another remarked, “They are a sterling example. The pride in their profession and their care of patients is what distinguishes them within the community and the profession. As employees of a major company they stand true to their profession while functioning within theparameters of their employer – not always an easy task.”

The highest praise, though, comes in the form of patient referrals. Patients are keen to refer others to this pharmacy – so much so that patients are now traveling from Edmonton for their pharmacy care.

“We always try and remember that each patient comes to us for safety and care,” points out Nabil. “It’s not about our problems or if we’re having a bad day. They are going through a lot and need our help. We must always be patient and focus on their needs. Our greatest success is having a good relationship with our patients.”