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2012 Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Bowl of Hygeia: Judy Roberts

Judy RobertsJudy Roberts
Pharmacy Professional Services Manager, Calgary Co-op
Calgary, AB

The choice to become a pharmacist was an easy one for Judy Roberts. Her immediate family is comprised of pharmacists, physicians, teachers, and a social worker. The importance of helping people is a family value to Judy, and in her role as Pharmacy Professional Services Manager with Calgary Co-op, she helps people in a variety of ways.

Judy developed the Pharmacy Professional Services program for Calgary Co-op with the goal of ensuring that the care provided by all 23 Calgary Co-op pharmacies reached well beyond the pharmacy counters and into the community. She implemented and coordinated Clinic Days, facilitated Calgary Co-op Pharmacy Diabetes Services and Respiratory Services, established an injections program and protocol, and implemented the Better Health hypertension monitoring program for the public.

“It brings me a high level of job satisfaction to be progressive, creative, and innovative in the practice of pharmacy,” says Judy. “These programs enhance the field of pharmacy and the vital role of the pharmacist.”

In addition to her work with Calgary Co-op, Judy is involved in a number of volunteer and extracurricular activities and initiatives. She is motivated by opportunities that support and develop the pharmacy profession, and pursues positions within the community that involve change and opportunities for personal growth.

She has worked with several soccer associations and parent councils, the Whole Health Challenge, the Pediatric Obesity Foundation, Alberta Health Services’ Influenza Immunization program, summer student programs, men’s public health forums, the Arthritis Society, the Calgary Police Service, and the Foothills Diabetes Association. Judy feels that the experience she gains from volunteering benefit her work with Co-op, bringing her knowledge and new insight.

“Volunteering broadens my perspective of diverse environments and people,” she says. “It allows me to improve work and life skills, including teamwork, organization, communication, strategic thinking, and decision-making.”
One of Judy’s most memorable initiatives was working with the Calgary Co-op Whole Health Challenge 2011, planned and executed by the Pharmacy Operations team. The Challenge was a 12-week program with a balanced approach to health and fitness. The public was invited to participate in a range of programs, workshops, seminars, public forums, and other events, with the common goal of helping participants make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. A trade show, a charity run/walk, a Get Fit Weekend in Kananaskis, and Assessment Clinics were all part of the endeavour.
One patient who attended the Cardiovascular Assessment Clinic was referred to his physician for follow-up. He was diagnosed with cancer that required immediate treatment, and today gives credit to the Assessment Clinic for detecting signs of the underlying problem.
Judy’s advice? “Be passionate about what you do, both personally and professionally.” Judy is adamant that it’s important to take risks in order to increase opportunities for personal growth and life-long learning. “Take an active role in your community, and seek opportunities and partnerships to support and enhance your work.”
“The realization that I can make a difference is a powerful life experience,” says Judy. “The positive rewards of volunteering in the community are the affirmation that you can make a difference and can have an impact on improving the quality of life and happiness of your patients and others in the community.”