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2012 W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team Award: Sundre Pharmasave

Sundre PharmasaveSundre Pharmasave
Tim Fluet, Manager; Sundre, AB

L to R: Lisa McQuiston, Mark Jackson, Tim Fluet, Jacquie Jones, Adele Regier

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“We take the time.” “We support you.” “We always provide quality care.” These could be the mantras of this year’s W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team Award recipient, Sundre Pharmasave.

Kirk and Catherine Kluchka opened the pharmacy doors to the community of Sundre in 1991, building a business based on integrity and outstanding patient care. In 2009, Doug Loder became the store owner and is backed by a team of like-minded professionals: Tim Fluet, pharmacy manager; Mark Jackson, pharmacist; Adele Regier and Jacquie Jones, pharmacy assistants; and Lisa McQuiston, provisional pharmacy technician. The pharmacy team has worked together for 13 years and forms a high-performing and well-rounded healthcare unit for their patients.

“I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the residents of Sundre, noting the Sundre Pharmasave staff as a caring group, continually portraying a friendly professional image and a true asset to the community. This is why I felt they were deserving of recognition,” notes one of their nominators.

It’s no surprise that all staff members are involved in the community. This personal interaction leads to the trust patients extend to the pharmacy team. It also gives them a greater understanding of the community they serve. The staff introduces programs and services such as free delivery, smoking cessation workshops, stocking fittings, private consultations as well the Pharmasave “Stay Well Informed Program” by determining specific health-related needs.

Pharmacy manager Tim Fluet feels that their commitment to providing exceptional patient care is the key to their success. Sundre Pharmasave puts the patient first every time. Tim adds, “every decision we make, we ask ?does this support the needs of our patients?’”

In most pharmacies, lack of time is a huge challenge and Sundre Pharmasave is no different, especially when you consider there are only two pharmacies in town to provide care for over 2500 people. By being extremely efficient in their daily practices, they are able to have extended time to focus on what matters: providing the best care for their patients.

“I interact with the pharmacy team at Sundre Pharmasave on almost a daily basis. I find their commitment to patient care outstanding. They are always on top of prescriptions and take care to ensure accuracy and clarity in prescribing practices,” notes Dr. Robert Warren.

Another contributing factor to their success is their strong team approach. The pharmacy team has been together for many years and shares a common goal of exceeding patients’ needs and expectations. To make sure they have a cohesive team, communication among each member is encouraged. They hold quarterly meetings to address any issues and work together to come up with a solution. There is also a notebook in the pharmacy where everyone is encouraged to write down problems as they occur.

“I feel we have buy-in from the staff because they have a say in the solution. Ideas are heard and input is encouraged,” says Tim.

Also encouraged is professional development. Provisional pharmacy technician Lisa McQuiston is currently in the process of becoming a regulated technician. “Doug understands that adapting to changes in the profession of pharmacy will enable us to continue to provide exceptional patient care,” comments Lisa.

There are many plans for expanding scope of practices, and the Sundre Pharmasave pharmacists are planning to evolve into a more clinical role. By ensuring their team has the tools and resources needed, they are hoping to transition the store smoothly through the challenges of a changing profession.

Tim says, “With the pharmacists’ clinical expertise finally being recognized and rewarded, we are ready to thrive in our new roles.”

The W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Award is presented to a pharmacy staff team in Alberta who, by virtue of their practice, positively impact the health of their community. This is no small feat to accomplish and the Sundre Pharmasave not only meets these requirements but surpasses them.

Tim actually thinks it’s quite simple. “All people want someone to be empathetic to their needs. Offer this to patients and they will keep coming back. If you offer this to staff they will embrace their job, work to the best of their ability and remain a loyal employee for many years.”

Now there is a formula for success!