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2013 Future of Pharmacy Award: Ryan Stempfle

Ryan StempfleRyan Stempfle
Pharmacist, Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy

Ryan Stempfle’s positive approach and ability to embrace a new patient-centered model of pharmacy demonstrate his innovation, creativity, and self-motivation. “My passion for the profession and my values of providing quality, state-of-the-art patient-centred care bring me back to the understanding that we can provide access to affordable, specialized programs during the times when Albertans need them the most.”
Ryan sees this as an “exciting moment and opportunity in pharmacy to shift away from a commodity driven business to include a clinical service model that focuses on improving outcomes. This shift concentrates on the knowledge we have and provides added value to our health system in need of a sustainable model.”
As the co-owner and VP of Pharmacy Strategy and Clinical Programs for Pharmacare, Ryan mentors and trains new clinical pharmacists, staff, and students. In his position, Ryan develops programs, documentation processes, and assembles multi-disciplinary teams to encourage the best healthcare decision to be made at the correct time. To ensure the highest quality and safety within his clinical practice, Ryan has held and led monthly clinical meetings for all of his team members highlighting standards of practices, complex health cases with associated solutions for therapy, clinical practice guidelines, key performance indicators, team building, and has brought in guest speakers to enhance learning for his pharmacy team. Ryan believes this access to continuing education is integral for success in pharmacy.
Ryan’s focus on teamwork, team knowledge, and team building is evident within his practice. He is striving to create a welcoming environment with a strategic emphasis on knowledgeable and certified pharmacists in a multitude of areas. All of his clinical team activities aid in improving patient care.
Ryan promotes the pharmacy profession by integrating clinical pharmacists into communities so that families and seniors may have access to the full spectrum of clinical pharmacy services.
Ryan considers the success he has experienced a direct result of the strength of his team at Pharmacare. He also acknowledges several key mentorships with role models in pharmacy as motivation for his current goals within the profession. Ryan is passionate about playing a leadership role and driven in his work practice, as his career goal of being able to lead the largest clinical pharmacy team in Alberta would suggest.
A strong believer in lifelong learning, Ryan is currently taking an executive MBA at the University of Alberta, and inspires fourth year pharmacy management students by lecturing about the role of management in helping pharmacists perform the activities intended under the new practice framework.

When asked what advice he would give to pharmacy students starting out, Ryan said to not underestimate the value of education - keep learning as this will add value to your patients!