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2013 Future of Pharmacy Award: Travis Featherstone

Travis FeatherstoneTravis Featherstone
Pharmacist, Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy

Travis has a passion for the profession as demonstrated through his work ethic and commitment to ensuring the highest standards in pharmacy practice. Travis is actively involved with various levels of health professionals and believes it is this multidisciplinary approach and collaboration that creates the best patient outcomes.
Travis was motivated to choose a career in pharmacy based on two main factors. The first was his experience of caring for his elderly family with complex medication regiments, and wanting to have a better understanding of how to provide care for them. Also, Travis’ knowledge from playing hockey in the Western Hockey League and the availability of supplements for athletes inspired him to choose a career that would help educate the public about medication and some of its effects on the body.
An innovator, Travis has created an online educational training program for pharmacists and caregivers. This program promotes the pharmacy profession and continues to push clinical practice in the community forward. Travis has also applied and created an online platform to document and track healthcare team interactions on smart phones which provides the opportunity to monitor new orders. This allows for his team to give a consistent experience for the patient.
The biggest challenge Travis faces is keeping “on top of the curve” and keeping pace with changes within regulatory frameworks. Travis is dedicated to building quality assurance protocols within pharmacies to exceed safety and quality expectations and to improve efficiencies for dispensary staff.
In general, Travis keeps his eyes open and doors open as “every opportunity is a learning experience and learning opportunity.” Travis is excited about the breadth of learning opportunities available to pharmacists.  He is currently eight months into the University of Alberta Masters in Pharmacy Practice Research program and continues to pursue other certifications and educational opportunities. Travis considers that his fulfillment within his career as a pharmacist “goes back to being provided all of these various learning opportunities, being able to progress professionally, and result in having a progressive, professional practice."
As part of the Pharmacare team, Travis aims to build a group of pharmacists who have similar mind sets and patient focuses. “It is not just about giving them the right pills; we want to determine how and why the medication is being administered.” 

Travis believes this is a time of transition for the profession and recognizes the road ahead to be full of challenging obstacles. As a recipient of the 2013 Future of Pharmacy award, Travis is honored to be recognized by his peers and will continue to pursue his knowledge in pharmacy. “My goal is to continue the momentum and push to try to find the solutions within the framework that we have been provided and deliver a high level of integrated clinical service and dispensing service.”