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2014 Future of Pharmacy: Ashley Davidson

Ashley DavidsonAshley Davidson
Associate Owner / Pharmacist, Shoppers Drug Mart #323
St. Albert

Ashley Davidson has no shortage of accomplishments in her short time in pharmacy. Ashley obtained her injection authorization and integrated this into her practice. Then, in partnership with Pear Health, she helped numerous Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists get their authorization by teaching Shopper’s Injection Certification Course. She also completed the U of A’s Monitoring Lab Values course. This has helped her effectively interpret and order lab results in her practice. Last year, Ashley received her additional prescribing authorization and has been incorporating more initial access prescribing into her community pharmacy practice.
Additionally, Ashley initiated a pilot project with AHS Palliative Home Care on the palliative process at home. “Having patients remain at home is a great option,” Ashley observes, “but the access to the medications and the support that they need is tricky to manage. With this initiative, a pharmacist is able to follow up and help care for a palliative patient in the comfort of their own home.” Ashley has since left her position with the program but is confident that the groundwork has been set for a continued successful partnership.
Ashley has also been the primary preceptor for five students and co-preceptor for three other students from the U of A for the past three years. She continues to make teaching a priority by hiring students in part-time positions. She believes that a community pharmacy practice plays a major role in the development of the student as a pharmacist.  Her hope is that students will be able to learn that “community pharmacists are in a unique position in that they can be easily accessed by the public. Earning the trust of these patients allows you to make a positive impact in the community.”
When asked what receiving this award means to her, Ashley stated, “This is a huge honour. I want to keep living up to the award and keep developing my practice. I am not where I want to be yet, as I think it is integral for every pharmacist to keep moving forward, learning, challenging, developing new strategies, and aiming to make a difference in community practice and, more importantly, to our patients.”