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2014 Future of Pharmacy: Ashley Young

Ashley Young

Ashley Young
Pharmacist, Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy

Ashley’s practice focuses on geriatric populations in continuing care facilities. Her work illustrates what it means to be a motivated pharmacy professional.
Ashley attributes her interest in geriatrics to that population’s complex nature and growing need for quality care and continuity of care. To further develop her practice, Ashley has obtained her Certified Geriatric Pharmacist designation, as well as her additional prescribing authorization. “In university, I didn’t realize the complexity of this population. Through ongoing education and my day-to-day practice, I quickly understood that seniors have multifaceted needs that require a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach for proper management.”
Ashley works with continuing care sites to provide optimal patient care and leadership on initiatives to streamline medication distribution, free up nursing time for other patient care activities, and increase sustainability and affordability. These initiatives include a project to reduce pill burden through decreased daily dosing times, as well as improved multidisciplinary antipsychotic review processes.
Ashley is also one of Pharmacare’s Clinical Operations Managers. In this role, she helps develop medication management policies and procedures and works to form strong relationships with Pharmacare’s partner sites around ongoing quality improvement for medication processes.
Ashley credits the “dynamic nature of the profession within Alberta, as well as how my practice can substantially change depending on the patient or the setting” for her ongoing interest in pharmacy and growth as a professional. “The pharmacy profession can tend to be painted with one brush, so educating the public, liaising with other healthcare professionals, and practising to my full scope is something I am very passionate about.“
Ashley emphasizes “good communication and thorough discussion of a patient’s needs. I hope to let each patient know about the care a pharmacist can provide. I feel it is important to inform each patient of a pharmacist’s role within the healthcare team and the patient’s overall health picture. I want all my patients or their caregivers to feel comfortable discussing their needs, treatments, and goals with me.”