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2014 W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team: Safeway Pharmacy #281

Safeway Pharmacy Airdrie

Safeway Pharmacy #281, Airdrie
Chris Borys, manager

From left to right: Tammy Bergeron, Carol Wei, Chris Borys, Christine Snyder, Cheryl Bergfeldt, Harpreet Bhatti

The team at the Airdrie Safeway Pharmacy works together to be an all-encompassing healthcare resource for their growing community.

This pharmacy is a high volume operation. It requires everyone to work together efficiently and closely to manage the dispensing workload while remaining committed to providing patient-centered clinical services at every opportunity. The team has worked to develop excellent communication skills in order to provide seamless care to patients.

Under the leadership of pharmacy manager Chris Borys, this team offers a wide array of services including refill reminders; vaccination/injection services; compliance packaging; training and compliance programs for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, or multiple sclerosis; training for coagulation self-checking; and methadone services.

All pharmacists on the team have embraced their full scope of practice and encourage each other to constantly work toward improving patient care and growing their professional skill set. Collectively, the pharmacists on the team have a variety of additional education and certifications in the following areas: authorization to administer drugs by injection; additional prescribing authorization; authorization to order lab tests; and certifications in diabetes education, anticoagulation education, geriatrics, and smoking cessation

All pharmacists are involved in regularly providing medication assessment and care plans and all engage in patient assessments for prescription adaptations.

The team also does community presentations on a variety of topics related to health or safe medication use. In addition, they provide point of care screening and health awareness clinics that focus on education and early disease detection.

“I am really proud how we are able to handle the high volume dispensing workload and still deliver accessible and high-quality patient care to our patients,” says Chris.

Chris feels that one of the biggest successes of the team was overcoming its biggest challenge. This was being able to provide exceptional patient care despite limited time and space. But they did overcome their challenges – and continue their success - with this mantra: “Make healthcare accessible for the patient; adapt to change; show initiative”.