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2015 Friend of Pharmacy: Ann Vlahadamis

Ann VlahadamisAnn Vlahadamis
Nurse Practitioner, Cross Cancer Institute

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This Year’s Friend of Pharmacy recipient Ann Vlahadamis is a true champion of pharmacy practice within CancerControl Alberta. As a nurse practitioner, she was extremely supportive when a role for a clinical pharmacist within the breast cancer group was developed. 

Ann says, “collaborating with pharmacists in the clinic is invaluable. Their extensive knowledge of medications, medication interactions, alternatives, cost and online resources is a huge benefit to our patients.”

Nominator Melanie Danilak praises Ann:“She has helped me advance my personal practice and has helped improve patient care by having a pharmacist become more involved at the point of care.”

Ann has also been a preceptor for the pharmacy residency program and has worked with seven pharmacy residents over the past few years. She enjoys learning and increasing her knowledge from them and is happy to help them improve their clinical and interview skills. 

Since Ann's first experience with a pharmacy resident, she has progressively become more involved in the program and its intricacies, such as the process of assessing resident performance. In addition, she is a member of a resident research project panel this year.

While working with Ann, each pharmacy resident prepares a presentation during their residency and when presented is attended by both pharmacists and nurse practioners. Ann believes these presentations are a great opportunity because it starts the connection and communication between pharmacists and nurse practioners early on for possible future collaborations.  

Ann has fully embraced interprofessional collaboration, and believes it is a success when there is a strong work ethic between the people working together, a desire to collaborate, and mutual respect for each other’s expertise and scope of practice. She believes that working with a pharmacist is an extremely complimentary way to practice, and when done, is very beneficial to patient care.