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2015 Future of Pharmacy: Andrew Fuller

Andrew FullerAndrew Fuller
Clinical Operations Manager, Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy

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As one of the 2014-2015 Future of Pharmacy Award winners, Andrew demonstrates a passion for the pharmacy profession and constantly strives for excellence in his own practice. Andrew’s initiatives and process developments have had a positive impact on Pharmacare’s patients by providing better health outcomes and improving patient care access.

Andrew works primarily with mental health and addictions clients. Many of these patients do not have regular contact with a family physician and often do not have appropriate monitoring of chronic conditions or regular follow up with a healthcare professional. Andrew acts as an important part of the healthcare team for these patients as he adapts and prescribes therapies and interventions to reduce the effects of chronic conditions and improve health outcomes. Andrew has also contributed to the development of innovative pharmacy programs at Pharmacare, such as the Mobile Methadone Program and electronic clinical documentation templates to improve quality, efficiency and completeness of care plans. Andrew developed processes and patient relationships which support the success and ongoing sustainability of clinical programs.

When asked about winning the Future of Pharmacy Award, Andrew stated, “When I found out I had won the award and heard the term excellence, I thought about my team and striving to go beyond patient expectations of the old model of pharmacy. By prescribing medications, providing interventions, and overall just being the frontline healthcare provider that pharmacists have become – we can all achieve excellence by going just that one step further.”

Andrew takes initiative in sharing his unique practice with pharmacy students through guest lecturing and facilitating labs at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy. Andrew uses patient cases to illustrate the scope of practice required by pharmacists and to demonstrate patient-pharmacist skills. When asked what advice he would give to his students, Andrew states, “Work hard on what you think you need to achieve the practice you want, focus on what will make you a better pharmacist and what will impact your patients the most.”

Andrew manages and mentors a team of clinical pharmacists through coaching, support and evaluation of clinical assessment, documentation, and monitoring. Through his passion, Andrew encourages others to practice to their full scope, establish multidisciplinary collaboration, and improve patient outcomes. Andrew has implemented patient-centered initiatives such as staff and patient educational programs. Andrew works with his staff to determine educational needs and will tailor an activity / training session accordingly. Andrew demonstrates patient-centered care, including participation in activities that enhance quality of life outside of medication management, such as client barbeques, senior Olympics, and nursing staff education. To further develop his skills, Andrew started his Masters of Science in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Alberta this past January. 

His patients enjoy a greater awareness and understanding of their health conditions and medications as a result of Andrew’s approachability, interventions, and interactions. Inspired by his family, colleagues, and students, Andrew exemplifies a Future of Pharmacy Award winner by striving to improve the profession and leading by example.