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2015 Future of Pharmacy: Tyler Watson

Tyler WatsonTyler Watson
Clinical Operations Manager, Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy

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2014-2015 Future of Pharmacy award winner Tyler Watson demonstrates excellence within his practice of pharmacy as a Clinical Operations Manager for Pharmacare. Tyler works primarily in direct patient care at supportive living sites or mental health clinics. 

“The most rewarding encounters I experience in practice are ones in which I am able to produce a unique solution to a problem and really individualize therapy,” says Tyler. He has successfully developed a practice that highlights a patient-centered focus and incorporates the pharmacy services framework and new models and approaches to care while safeguarding high-quality and ethical dispensing and monitoring practices. 

When asked why Tyler chose to be a pharmacist, he states, “The biggest influence on the decision was definitely the variety offered with the pharmacy career choice. With positions available in direct patient care, medication management, industry and drug development, and consultation-based services, I felt that becoming a pharmacist opened up a world of opportunity.” 

Tyler’s leadership skills and commitment to pharmacy shows through the many initiatives and programs he has been, and continues to be involved in, as well as his consistent patient focus when acting as a Clinical Operations Manager with Pharmacare. 

To define a successful pharmacy practice, Tyler cited that excellence in pharmacy means providing individualized, solution-oriented care to each patient. “Different situations and different patients require unique approaches and solutions, so excellence to me is collaborating with the patient and other key stakeholders (family, caregivers, other health providers) to ensure that solutions are comprehensive and consider all aspects of the patients well-being.” Tyler believes that excellence in pharmacy practice involves the pharmacist completing a high quality initial assessment of patients, setting mutual goals and outcomes, monitoring drug therapy, and following up appropriately.

For Tyler, the motivation to grow professionally stems from the community in which he practices in. “I think the realization that practice is constantly changing motivates me to stay up-to-date with best practice guidelines. If I don't maintain professional competencies through continuing education, I will quickly be left behind and will not provide optimal care to the patients I serve.” Tyler believes that from an advocacy perspective, pharmacists have a duty to promote the pharmacy profession on a regular basis. “Part of this comes through excellence in practice, but it also comes through active participation in pharmacy-related organizations or supported initiatives. I also consider that, from a health systems perspective, pharmacists need to do their best, and most, to alleviate burden on other health care providers by practicing to full scope and incorporating more clinical patient care into our routine.”

In the future, Tyler is aiming to continue working towards a more proficient practice in mental health and addictions. This field is dynamic and the clientele face challenges that are unique and require more extensive interventions to Tyler, who finds this challenge compelling. Tyler will also be completing an MSc in the next 12-18 months, after which he hopes to teach on a casual or part-time basis at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Alberta. “My research involves incorporating technology into practice, particularly in the mental health population, so teaching in this area would be ideal.” 

When asked what patients should expect when they come to see Tyler, he states “Patients should expect to find a compassionate health care provider that is committed to helping them reach their health-related goals. They will find me as someone who is easily approached, an active listener, and provides care that is individualized to the needs of each unique patient.”