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2016 Friend of Pharmacy: Dr. Sadia Shakil

Dr. Sadia shakil
horizon family PRACTICE

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As a member of an interdisciplinary team within AHS Supportive Living facilities, Dr. Shakil works in collaboration with pharmacists to optimize patient care. She recognizes pharmacists as the experts in their field, encourages them to do clinical assessments, seeks their input prior to prescribing therapies and ordering laboratory requisitions, and is supportive of pharmacists prescribing. By seeing how clinical pharmacy services benefited her Supportive Living patients, Dr. Shakil had the insight to implement pharmacy assessments into her community practice.

“As a community pharmacist, I am privileged to join Dr. Shakil at Horizon Family Practice every week to assess patient’s medications and supplements. She consistently displays an eagerness to learn about pharmacy practice, to create patient-centred care, and to optimize therapies,” says Cheryl Weiss, a pharmacist who works closely with Dr. Shakil. “Dr. Shakil understands the importance of team collaboration, with the patient being the most important member of the team.”

Actively involved with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine as a Clinical Lecturer and Preceptor, as well as with the University of Lethbridge, Dr. Shakil welcomes medical students, residents, international medical graduates, as well as nurse practitioner students into her practice. She has her students spend a day shadowing the Clinical Pharmacist within her team, so that they may learn and value the scope of advanced pharmacy practice. In turn, Dr. Shakil has welcomed fourth year pharmacy students and PharmD candidates, allowing them to shadow her, answering questions, and supporting them as they develop interdisciplinary skills.