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2016 Future of Pharmacy: Graham Anderson

graham anderson
pharmacy manager/co-owner
sherwood dispensaries
sherwood park

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Since graduating from the University of Alberta Pharmacy program in 2012, Graham has shown both initiative and leadership through self-development, patient advocacy, and mentorship. In just a few years, Graham has become co-owner at Sherwood Dispensaries, obtained his Additional Prescribing Authorization, and pursued the clinical expansion of his pharmacy with the goal of addressing personal interest areas and identifying gaps of care in his community. Under Graham’s leadership, Sherwood Dispensaries provides a travel health clinic service, blood pressure clinics at a local retirement home, and clinical mental health outreach programs.

Since 2010, Sherwood Dispensaries has provided pharmacy services to the Robin Hood Association (RHA), a local organization that provides education, employment, personal development, and housing opportunities to people with disabilities. Graham has taken an active role in expanding pharmacist involvement with RHA since taking over the practice. He has demonstrated how pharmacist involvement in medication decisions can improve and fill gaps in patient care, and has assisted in developing a process that ensures guardians are involved in the in the care provided.

Graham is passionate about patient-centered care and collaborating with other health care providers in the community. “Any time I have a direct impact on a patient's health in a way that they appreciate, it’s rewarding to be their pharmacist,” says Graham. “I find these encounters most rewarding when I have fully utilized my scope of practice, while fostering collaboration with physicians and other healthcare providers.”