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2017 Future of Pharmacy: Gina Giurguis

gina giurguis
clinical pharmacist
calgary co-op, calgary

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Since graduating from the University of Alberta in 2012, Gina Giurgius, Clinical Pharmacist with Calgary Co-op has been a leader in the profession of pharmacy.

Colleague Sonal Ejner says this about Gina, “Being able to work directly with patients in the community, being a link between the physician and the patient, as well as being easily accessible, she has drastically changed the way many patients and other health providers view the pharmacist and their role in the community.”

Gina’s vision of her role as a pharmacist was clear from the start. “I have always wanted to make an impact on patient’s lives and due to the accessibility of pharmacists in the community; I knew that that would be possible.”

As a clinical pharmacist, Gina has been involved in and conducted multiple diabetes related clinics and provides smoking cessation consults. She is also involved in improving public health by promoting vaccines such as shingles, pneumonia and administering the influenza vaccine.

Gina has an appetite for continuous learning and is constantly looking for ways to further her practice. She obtained her Certified Respiratory Educator designation and has since helped people adjust their COPD and /or asthma medications to maximize their therapy, improve their breathing and thus their quality of life.

The accomplishments above have led to physician confidence in her abilities. This has resulted in Gina working collaboratively in the physician’s office once weekly providing diabetes and respiratory education.

Gina shares advice that was given to her to other young leaders in the profession,

“Pharmacy is what you make of it. You want to affect patient care? You want to make an impact? Then make that happen! Pharmacy has so many avenues and so many different branches; so expand your skills, advance your knowledge and define your own practice.”