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2018 W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team: Chronic Complex Disease Management Clinic

L-R: Jessica Gagatek, Ginny Cummings, Nyanza Austin-Bishop
Pharmacists, Complex Chronic Disease Management Clinic
Peter Lougheed Centre
Calgary, Alberta

The W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team Award is awarded to a healthcare team (pharmacy staff team or multidisciplinary team that includes one or more pharmacists) who, by virtue of their collaboration skills and use of the pharmacist’s full scope of practice, positively impact the health of individuals in their community.

This year’s recipient is the multidisciplinary care team at the Complex Chronic Disease Management Clinic (CCDMC) and consists of Internal Medicine physicians, nurse clinicians, and pharmacists. Based at the Peter Lougheed Center in Calgary, Alberta, the CCDMC sees patients with multiple comorbidities who have had several emergency department (ED) visits or hospitalizations.

The goal of the clinic is to help stabilize their chronic medical conditions and prevent readmission to the ED or hospital. Many of the patients managed in CCDMC have heart failure, diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease and other chronic health conditions. The CCDMC works in conjunction with the patient’s primary care team to monitor and manage these conditions, with the goal to eventually stabilize them and empower the patient to have control of their own health.

“A lot of patients come to us because their questions haven't been answered or the medications that they've had in the past haven't worked for them. And we give them a voice. We give them a say in what happens to alter the trajectory of their care,” said Nyanza Austin-Bishop, a CCDMC pharmacist. “Just by listening to the patients, taking that time to listen and get an idea of what their issues are and what's important to them, and then explaining why we've chosen their current medications or are offering other options, gives them a chance to make a more educated decision about what direction their healthcare should take going forward.”