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2019 Award of Excellence: Jackie Liu

Jackie Liu
Health Care Team Lead
Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic
Mosaic Primary Care Network, Calgary

The award of excellence is awarded to a pharmacist for their exceptional work, commitment, and innovation in making a notable contribution to pharmacy and the community through a single unique accomplishment or contribution.

This year’s recipient, Jackie Liu, was recognized for his contributions to the Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic at Mosaic Primary Care Network in Calgary. As Health Care Team Lead, Jackie established a process that secured vital medications for vulnerable newcomers to Canada. In collaboration with the physicians, Jackie established a donation account with the Calgary Health Trust and developed a process whereby physicians could prescribe essential medications to their patients without coverage and the cost would be covered by the funds in the donation account. Jackie and his team also created temporary clinics with a basic pharmacy and resettlement centre when refuges from Syria arrived in 2015.

“A lot of clients have trouble accessing conventional resources. The basis of everything that I do and the places that I’ve worked try to do is try to take those barriers away so that everyone has equitable access to the best care possible,” said Jackie.

“By ensuring that our must vulnerable newcomers received the treatment that they required, Jackie helped improve the health of individual patients and helped prevent our patients' conditions from deteriorating, which would inevitably have led to an ER visit or hospital admission, adding to the cost burden of our fragile health system,” said Dr. Annalee Coakley, one of Jackie’s colleagues and nominators.

“Jackie works tirelessly to ensure that all the projects he is involved with are practical, evidence-based, and involve all stakeholders,” said Dr. Giselle DeVetten, Family Physician and Clinical Lecturer at the University of Calgary, who co-nominated Jackie for the award.