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2021 Future of Pharmacy: Jantz Selk

Jantz Selk
Clinical Pharmacist
Pharmasave, Cardston

The Future of Pharmacy Award is awarded to up to three pharmacists per year who have been in practice less than five years and who exhibit strong leadership skills, the initiative to become a role model, and offer extraordinary promise to the profession.

One of this year’s recipients is Jantz Selk, Pharmacist at Pharmasave in Cardston.

Although he has only been practising for four years, Jantz has proven his abilities to his patients, and they continue to seek him out as a trusted, accessible lifeline of reliable help and support.

Constantly growing, he earned his APA, helping not only his patients and co-workers, but other patients living or visiting in the area. He has completed therapeutic nutritional courses, continuing to learn in that area on a constant basis, helping patients reduce or stop their medications by sharing his knowledge of proper nutrition. Jantz saw the need for travel vaccination services and took on that role to provide required vaccines. Now, the public health nurse sends patients to see him. Jantz also found time in his busy schedule to become a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Jantz is a constant and accessible support for those in the opioid dependency program, and he has established relationships of trust with each patient. Jantz has a close, professional working relationship with all health professionals in the community and surrounding areas

Jantz shows true passion for pharmacy. He volunteers on the Red Deer College Pharmacy Technician Program Advisory Committee - knowing the value in properly trained technicians and appreciates being able to contribute to provincial education.

“Jantz goes above and beyond what is required on a daily basis. Listening to patients’ health and personal struggles, cheering successes, he sees each patient as an individual, with worth and value, striving to help each one. On multiple occasions, patients and physicians have communicated that Jantz’s knowledge and help have been invaluable,” said Mitchell Quinton who wrote a letter of support for Jantz.