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AHS standard on vaccine storage and handling

November 12, 2020

Are you storing your vaccines appropriately and retaining the required documentation?

Pharmacy licensees must review the AHS Standards on Vaccine Storage and Handling and share it with their pharmacy team members. Every pharmacy that stores publicly funded vaccine must have a designated vaccine controller and another staff member as a back-up. The designated person is responsible for ensuring vaccines are handled and stored correctly and that procedures are followed and documented. The vaccine controller must review the standards and audit the pharmacy to ensure the site’s handling equipment or practices are in accordance to the standard. AHS may withhold distribution of vaccine to sites where these standards are not met, until the deficiencies are corrected.

Pharmacies that store publicly funded vaccine are required to conduct an annual self-audit and retain this record for five years along with their temperature logs, fridge maintenance, and thermometer maintenance records. For further information on the audit process, please refer to these instructions from AHS. Be prepared to share these documents and your vaccine storage and handling policies and procedures with your ACP pharmacy practice consultant during the routine inspection of your pharmacy.

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