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November 15, 2011

Pharmacist flu questions have kept the ACP phone lines busy over the last few weeks. Here is one of the most frequently asked questions and our answer. 

Q. Can a pharmacist with injections authorization administer Trivalent Inactivated Vaccine (TIV) to children?

A. Yes, as long as the child is 5 or older and as long as the pharmacist uses provincially funded vaccine only for those children 9 and over. The contract with AHS stipulates that pharmacists will NOT use provincially funded influenza vaccine for children under 9 and, according to ACP standards, pharmacists may not administer an injection to children under 5. So that means if the pharmacist immunizes children 5-8 with TIV, he/she can’t use provincially funded vaccine and can’t bill Blue Cross, and so must charge for the vaccine and administration.

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