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ACP’s council governs and directs the business of the college.

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Dana Lyons photo

Dana Lyons


District B

Fayaz Rajabali photo

Fayaz Rajabali

Past President

District 3

Peter Macek photo

Peter Macek


District 1

Irene Pfeiffer  photo

Irene Pfeiffer

Executive Member at Large

Public Member

Patrick Zachar photo

Patrick Zachar


District 2

Stan Dyjur photo

Stan Dyjur


District 4

Shereen Elsayad photo

Shereen Elsayad


District 5

Don Ridley photo

Don Ridley


District A

Aquaeno Ekanem photo

Aquaeno Ekanem

Public Member


Christine Maligec photo

Christine Maligec

Public Member


Deb Manz photo

Deb Manz

Public Member


Carmen Wyton photo

Carmen Wyton

Public Member