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Should you wish to license in another Canadian province, the U.S. or any other country a letter of standing will be required.  Please complete the application form and return, with payment, to ACP via mail or fax.

Processing time for a letter of standing is 15 business days. You will receive a copy via email once the letter of standing has been issued.  Where possible, ACP will issue a copy of the letter of standing to the requested licensing authority via email in addition to the original that will be sent via Canada Post.  ACP does not send letters of standing via courier or priority post.

If you’ve changed your place of employment, you must notify our office by email ( or fax (780-990-0328).

Your notice must include:

  • your name and certificate number,
  • effective date of change,
  • name and licence number of the pharmacy where you now work.

You must notify ACP of an employment change within 14 days.

You must request a change to your name in writing - email or fax 780-990-0328. Please include a copy of your official documentation (marriage or birth certificate). We will mail a new practice permit (reflecting the name change) to the address on file.

If you wish to replace your membership certificate as a result of a name change, you may request a replacement certificate. Please return your original certificate to our office along with payment for the replacement certificate (see the current fee schedule.)

Pharmacists must renew their practice permit annually.  The renewal period is from mid April to May 31 of each year.  Renewal notices will be sent via email so please ensure ACP has your most current email address.

You must submit all renewal requirements by May 31, including your Continuing Competence Program requirements.

Renew your practice permit online via the registrant profile. Use the login credentials you use for all other secure areas of the website, including the CCP portal.

All registrants must pay their personal practice permit renewal online individually via credit card. ACP will no longer accept cheques or credit card payment information provided outside of the online system (e.g., provided manually along with pharmacy licence renewal fees).   

Pharmacist licensing year is from July 1 to June 30.  Your current practice permit will expire on June 30.

Find more information about the Audit of Professional Declarations here

Pharmacy licensees (managers) and staff pharmacists are automatically granted narcotic signing authority for all locations in which they are employed.  There is no limit as to the number of locations a pharmacist may hold narcotic signing authority.  All employment locations must be reported to ACP but there is no need for a separate request for narcotic signing authority as this will be automatically granted.

Students, interns, pharmacy technicians and provisional pharmacy technicians cannot hold narcotic signing authority.

If you have changed your place of employment, you must notify our office by email ( or fax (780-990-0328). If you are a licensee and are leaving your licensee employment, you must advise us by email.

You can update your contact information online via the registrant profile, or notify us in writing via email ( or fax (780-990-0328). Be sure to include your registration number, details of the changes, and the effective date.