Demonstration of proficiency of product release

What is demonstration of proficiency of product release?

After registering on the Provisional Pharmacy Technician Register, you will be required to identify a pharmacist preceptor who will supervise and verify that you have completed 100 final checks with 100% accuracy. You must complete a minimum of 20 checks per day over a maximum of three months.

What is the procedure for demonstrating proficiency of product release?

Step 1: Register on the Provisional Pharmacy Technician Register

Step 2: Find an evaluator and evaluation site and notify ACP

  • your evaluator must not be in a close personal relationship with you, and must either be:
    • an Alberta pharmacist who has a minimum of two years of direct patient care, or
    • an Alberta pharmacy technician who has been on the pharmacy technician register for a minimum of two years.
  • The evaluation site must be
    • a licenced Alberta community pharmacy, or
    • an institutional (hospital) pharmacy in Alberta.
  • ACP must approve the evaluator and evaluation site before you begin

Step 3: Demonstrate proficiency

  • You must
  • If you make an error in completing a final check, the process must begin again at zero.
  • You have a maximum of three attempts to achieve the minimum 100 final checks with 100% accuracy. If you are unable to do so, you and your evaluator must notify ACP.

Step 4: Submit a signed completion form to ACP

780-990-0321 or toll-free at 1-877-227-3838