Pharmacy Education Course - Canadian Sleep Society Conference

From: April 28, 2017
To: April 28, 2017

Part of the Canadian Sleep Society Conference, this one-day continuing education event for pharmacists aims to address their education needs in terms of the screening, assessment, and management of sleep disorders.

Learning objectives include:

1. To be able to screen and assess patients presenting with the complaint of insomnia in the context of the potential consequences of the condition and to utilize tools that may be available to pharmacists.

2. To be able to effectively manage drug therapy in the treatment of insomnia, understanding the risks and benefits related to different drug choices such as benzodiazepines, non-benzodiazepines and antihistamines.

3. To be able to effectively communicate the importance and the proper conduct of a cognitive behavioral therapy program for insomnia.

4. To be able to manage circadian sleep disorders utilizing available evidence of current drug and non-drug treatment options such as melatonin and light therapy. 

5. To be able to screen for and identify patients at risk of or experiencing obstructive sleep apnea and understand the treatment options available for this condition to refer, educate and monitor patients.

6. To understand the cardiovascular consequences related to obstructive sleep apnea, the evidence related to this relationship, and how to manage patients at potential risk.

To learn more and register for the course, visit:


Hyatt Regency
700 Centre Street
Calgary, AB T2G 5P6