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New pharmacies


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our programs and operations have changed temporarily.

New pharmacy opening

Definition: Opening a pharmacy at a location where a pharmacy facility does not currently exist is considered a new pharmacy opening. Purchasing shares in an ownership company or purchasing an existing facility does not constitute a new pharmacy; this is a pharmacy change of ownership.

Under Alberta legislation, pharmacy owners/proprietors do not have to be pharmacists; however, the licensee of each pharmacy must be a registered, practising Alberta pharmacist. The licensee is the clinical pharmacist who applies for and holds the pharmacy licence under the Pharmacy and Drug Act to operate a pharmacy.


Before you consider opening a new pharmacy, review the process outlined in our Five steps to opening your new pharmacy guide. This document outlines the requirements, resources, and timelines of each step. Once we receive a complete Letter of Intent or application form, allow 15 business days for review and processing. We will notify you via email once we have processed your Letter of Intent or application.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process email us at pharmacy@abpharmacy.ca. Applications must be submitted to the ACP office via mail or fax. Email applications will not be accepted.


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Foundational Requirements: Compliance Checklist (fillable pdf)

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