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Practice materials & tools

ACP posters

Code of Ethics poster

Patient concerns poster
This poster outlines the options available to patients if they are dissatisfied with the service they receive from a pharmacist. This poster must be posted in public view in all pharmacies.

Patient privacy poster

Returned medication card
This poster tells patients that pharmacies must not accept drugs or health products for reuse.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

General policies and procedures template

Required references

Prescription regulations chart

Record retention chart

Helping pharmacists and pharmacy technicians understand the Health Information Act: Privacy and confidentiality guidelines for pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician FAQs 

Pharmacy technician scope of practice

Handbook of occupational hazards and control for pharmacy workers


Non-sterile compounding resources

Sterile compounding resources

Chat, Check, and Chart (CCC)

Chat, Check, and Chart tool card

Vital to Chat, Check, and Chart tool card

Chat, Check, and Chart 3 Prime Questions detail aid

Chat, Check, and Chart and Lean workflow

Chat, Check, and Chart: Pharmacy Technicians - Partners in Patient Care

Chat, Check, and Chart tool sheets

Tool sheets to help you use the CCC process

  1. First steps
  2. Talk about "chatting"
  3. Check up on "checking"
  4. Plotting the chart


Prescription adaptation guide

Pharmacy Issues

Adverse Drug Reaction and Drug Error Reporting

Adverse drug reaction reporting form (Health Canada)

Drug incident report form

Sample drug incident report form

Drug incident quarterly review form

Sample drug incident quarterly review form

Loss and Theft

Pharmacy robberies and burglaries

Reporting of loss or theft of controlled substances and precursors

Loss or theft of narcotics or controlled drugs (Health Canada)


Forgery FAQs

Forgery report form (ACP)

Forgery report form(Health Canada)