Professional declaration audit – pharmacy technicians


The Audit of Professional Declarations audits pharmacy professionals' compliance with the professional declaration(s) made at the time of registration renewal. This audit consists of an audit of the pharmacy technician's professional liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance audit

When a pharmacy technician submits his/her registration renewal, they make the following professional declaration:

I hereby acknowledge that

  • as a regulated member on the pharmacy technician register of the Alberta College of Pharmacy, I am in possession of valid professional liability insurance for the practice as a pharmacy technician that provides me no less than one million dollars worth of personal coverage that is either claims-made or occurrence-based in nature;
  • I understand that while on the pharmacy technician register, I must maintain valid professional liability insurance coverage of no less than one million dollars and that if I am unable to provide proof of insurance, my practice permit may be cancelled;
  • I understand that while I am registered on the pharmacy technician register, I must maintain valid professional liability insurance coverage regardless of whether I am working or residing in Alberta;
  • I understand that my professional liability insurance coverage must be personal and must provide coverage for me wherever I practice as a pharmacy technician in Alberta, regardless of who my employer is; and
  • I understand that the status of my insurance coverage is subject to audit and that false or misleading statements concerning my coverage may be referred to the Complaints Director for further investigation and may result in a recommendation that my practice permit be cancelled.

The primary rationale behind the audit of the Professional Liability Insurance Declaration is to determine whether the pharmacy technician has valid personal professional liability coverage of no less than one million dollars at the time of the audit as required by section 13 of the Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Profession Regulation.

In order to comply with the Professional Liability Insurance audit, please provide a copy of your current insurance policy. If your policy is lengthy, send only the page(s) that show

  • your name (insured),
  • the name of the insurance company (insurer),
  • policy number,
  • date the insurance was purchased/issued,
  • policy period (effective date to end date), and
  • amount of insurance coverage (minimum $1,000,000).

Note that the receipt for your insurance premium payment is not required. 

When the Professional Liability Insurance audit is complete, you will receive either

  • Confirmation of Compliance letter which confirms that the documentation received complies with all audit criteria; OR
  • communication from a registration assessor that your submission was incomplete; failure to provide the requested information may result in referral to the complaints director for further investigation.