Notice of practice permit conditions: Dr. Pierre Rizk, PharmD (pharmacist)

December 20, 2018

Under section 65 of the Health Professions Act, interim conditions have been imposed on the practice permit of Edmonton pharmacist, Dr. Pierre Rizk.

The conditions on Dr. Rizk’s practice permit are in effect immediately and are as follows:

1. Dr. Rizk is prohibited from prescribing a Schedule 1 drug or blood product under section 16(3) and (4) of the Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Regulation, including

     a) adapting a prescription (s16(1)(e), (f), and 16(2));

     b) prescribing in an emergency (s16(1)(g) and (h)); and

     c) prescribing at initial access or to manage ongoing therapy (s16(3) and (4)).

2. Dr. Rizk is prohibited from administering drugs by injection under section 16(5) of the Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Regulation.

These conditions remain in effect until the completion of the proceedings concerning an investigation under Part 4 (Professional Conduct) of the Health Professions Act.

For more information on what to do with prescriptions and refills written by a prescriber whose practice permit is cancelled, suspended, or made subject to conditions in relation to prescribing, visit the Dispensing FAQs section of the ACP website.

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