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Your pharmacy technician

Your pharmacy technician is your specialist in drug product preparation and distribution, and helps support you in reaching your health goals by

Taking responsibility for the accuracy of every prescription that they prepare. They ensure the drugs are of good quality and in proper packaging, with labelling that helps you store and take them properly.

Compounding drugs according to standardized formulas and procedures that ensure the quality of each product so that it is safe and effective for you.

Collecting and recording health information required to assess your health and drug therapy needs. They assist in maintaining accurate and secure records about your health and the medications that you use. They facilitate the sharing of your health information with other members of your health team in a manner that meets legislated requirements and respects your privacy and confidentiality.

Working with your pharmacist to regularly review that drugs are stored, prepared, and distributed in a safe and effective manner, making changes to policies, procedures, and systems if any possible risks are identified.

Helping you make informed choices about health care aids and devices, and training you how to use them properly.

Assisting you in selecting non-prescription products and understanding when to refer you to a pharmacist so that you can be assessed and receive the most appropriate treatments.