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CCP requirements

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CCP cycle

The CCP requires the following of all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians each continuing education (CE) cycle:

  • for pharmacists, the CE cycle starts June 1 of any year and ends May 31 of the following year; and
  • for pharmacy technicians, the CE cycle starts December 1 of any year and ends November 30 of the following year.


Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can access all program materials through the CCP portal. You will fill out all forms, upload documents, and compile a portfolio of your learning in your own secure online repository. Your professional portfolio must be submitted to ACP via the CCP portal in order to renew your practice permit.

  1. You must complete at least 15 continuing education units (CEUs) during each CE cycle, and record all learning on one or more learning records.
  2. You must implement at least one CEU of learning into your practice and document this on an implementation record.
  3. You must complete any required learning assigned by the competence committee.
  4. Self-assessment (optional)
    • Completion of the self-assessment is optional, but you are encouraged to use the tools there to understand your current work environment; assess your practice, professional competencies, and/or jurisprudence knowledge; and plan your learning and implementation objectives accordingly. Completing these activities will help you identify and plan learning and implementation activities that are appropriate to your practice.

For more information about the rules and requirements of the CCP, refer to the CCP manuals for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Practice Improvement Program

In some cases, registrants may be referred to ACP’s Practice Improvement Program (PIP). While participating in the program, registrants will work with the ACP competence staff and the competence committee to develop and carry out a plan to improve areas of their practice. The competence committee will assign activities to help those referred to the program to learn and improve their practice.

For more information on the Practice Improvement Program, refer to the CCP manuals for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians or to our Full Scale article.