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The licensee personally manages, controls, and supervises the operation and practice of a pharmacy in accordance with the Pharmacy and Drug Act and any order made under the Act, the Code of Ethics, and the Standards for the Operation of Licensed Pharmacies. As the licensee, your responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • staffing and practice – ensuring the pharmacy is adequately staffed to undertake safe and effective pharmacy practice;
  • the physical environment – ensuring the pharmacy’s layout, equipment, and systems adhere to legislative requirements and standards; and
  • administration and reporting – ensuring you submit applications to renew the pharmacy licence, report changes to ACP, and apply to ACP for approval prior to implementing changes to the pharmacy.

To fulfil the responsibilities and obligations of a licensee, you must have an active presence at the pharmacy to personally supervise day-to-day operations and ensure that practice proceeds in accordance with the law that governs pharmacy operations, drug distribution, the practice of pharmacists, and the practice of pharmacy technicians.

The proprietor’s representative oversees and directs the operation of the pharmacy, provides resources, and supports the licensee in complying with the legislative framework.

The Licensee Education Program (LEP) articulates the licensee’s and proprietor’s legal responsibilities, and ACP’s expectations when operating a pharmacy, particularly regarding the authority, responsibility, and accountability of licensees, in context with current legislation.