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About pharmacy assessments

The purpose of a pharmacy assessment is to help elevate pharmacist practice in order to meet and/or exceed the minimum standards to improve patient care and ensure patient safety. When a pharmacy opens, renovates, or relocates, the college also assesses the pharmacy.

Licensee and pharmacy team education

Licensees and their staff should review certain topics prior to completing the self-assessment. Reviewing these topics will result in a more efficient, informative and valuable on-site assessment with the pharmacy practice consultant (PPC).

Pharmacy assessment process

A routine Pharmacy Practice and Operations Assessment is conducted in two stages:

  1. a self-assessment completed in advance by the licensee,  and
  2. a following on-site assessment conducted by the PPC.

The on-site portion of the assessment can be performed with any pharmacist and may include other members of the pharmacy team. The licensee is responsible to ensure that all pharmacy staff, including relief staff, are aware of the policies and procedures specific to their pharmacy’s practice and operations so that they are capable of reviewing the components of the self-assessment with the PPC during the on-site assessment.

Although the licensee is ultimately responsible for the practice and operations in their pharmacy, every pharmacy team member’s support is critical to meet and exceed standards. ACP’s PPCs design their approach to pharmacy assessments to ensure that all pharmacy team members can help prepare for, participate in, and follow up after the pharmacy assessment. Your PPCs also work on helping your team set S.M.A.R.T. goals – plans that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.

The assessments are conducted in a way that facilitates discussion between the pharmacy licensee and the PPC. Pharmacists are given an opportunity to correct their deficiencies, and to ask questions to better understand and apply the standards and regulations that pertain to pharmacy practice and operations.

Pharmacy evaluation

Your PPC will evaluate your pharmacy practice and operations to ensure the requirements of all federal and provincial legislation, the SPPPT, and the SOLP are adhered to, while providing recommendations for implementing best practices.

After the assessment

We recognize that change can be difficult and that you may require clarification about the correction of deficiencies or need help implementing certain recommendations. Please discuss any questions about deficiencies, recommendations and other practice topics with your PPC. They are here to help you!

PPCs offer additional support through dedicated follow-up visits. During these visits, your PPC assesses corrected deficiencies and helps your team evaluate how they can sustain changes. They can offer your pharmacy team tools to implement recommendations and enhance your practice.