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If a licensee ceases to be responsible for the management, control, or supervision of a licensed pharmacy, a pharmacy licence terminates per section 14 of the Pharmacy and Drug Act.

If the licensee resigns, is temporarily away for more than 90 days, or ceases to be responsible for the pharmacy, the licence terminates and it is their responsibility, in consultation with the proprietor’s representative, to either close the pharmacy in accordance with section 27 of the Pharmacy and Drug Regulation or ensure that a new licensee or a temporary pharmacist in charge (TPIC) has been approved by the registrar.

  • A TPIC may be approved by the registrar to operate the pharmacy on a temporary basis.
  • If the licensee is temporarily away for vacation or a short-term leave that is less than 90 days, the pharmacy licence does not terminate but the licensee must assign a TPIC to oversee the pharmacy in their absence.

A TPIC is a registered pharmacist who is employed at the pharmacy and agrees

  • to personally manage, control, and supervise the practice of pharmacy associated with the pharmacy; and
  • to comply with the Pharmacy and Drug Act; any condition imposed on the pharmacy or permission for the pharmacy to continue to operate temporarily; and any order made under the Act, the Code of Ethics, and the Standards for the Operation of Licensed Pharmacies.

To provide assurance to ACP that the TPIC can effectively assume temporary responsibilities of a licensee, they must be a pharmacist in good standing with ACP and should not concurrently be a licensee or TPIC at another pharmacy.

The licensee or proprietor’s representative must work with the potential TPIC and follow these steps to request permission to operate a pharmacy with a TPIC.

  1. Prepare your supporting documentation. The documentation is to be completed by the TPIC applicant and must be in PDF format.
  1. Complete and submit your application.
    • Access the temporary pharmacist in charge application (in myACP). All applications can be found in the Catalog.
    • The application will require you to upload the supporting documentation prepared by the TPIC applicant in step 1.
  1. Application decision.
    • Complete applications are reviewed in the order in which they are submitted and may take up to 15 business days to assess and process. Incomplete applications will result in further delays. 
    • ACP will notify you via email once a decision has been made or if we have any questions regarding your application.

The continuity of the pharmacy operation when a licensee departs is contingent on the processes outlined in the Pharmacy and Drug Act and the ACP bylaws.

  • With an approved TPIC, the ACP Bylaws allow a pharmacy to operate without a licensee for a maximum of 90 days. 
  • A new application for a temporary pharmacist-in-charge (in myACP) is required if the TPIC has changed.
  • If a licensee is not found within 90 days, the pharmacy must close.

If these conditions cannot be met at any time during the 90-day period, the pharmacy must close in accordance with section 27 of the Pharmacy and Drug Regulation. When a pharmacy closes permanently, the TPIC or proprietor’s representative must notify ACP immediately of the exact date of closure and submit the notification of pharmacy closure.

If a licensee is found, submit the application to change the licensee.