No, there is no minimum requirement for accredited CEUs. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may complete any combination of accredited or non-accredited learning activities to a minimum of 15 CEUs each CE cycle.

First Aid and CPR can be claimed as non-accredited learning. You can maximize your CEUs by completing more than one learning record. For example, you might do one learning record for the First Aid portion and another for the CPR portion, allowing you to claim up to 16 non-accredited CEUs.

Yes, you may claim learning activities from any country if they are relevant to your pharmacy practice.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can access all program materials through the CCP portal. You will fill out all forms, upload documents, and compile a portfolio of your learning in your own secure online repository.

No. For an accredited course, you may combine all the learning activities represented on the course certificate and document on one learning record. For non-accredited courses, you must document each learning activity individually. You may document a maximum of eight non-accredited CEUs on one learning record. If a non-accredited course is more than eight CEUs, you must document your learning over two or more learning records.

One hour of non-accredited learning is equivalent to 1.0 CEU. You may claim to the nearest quarter of an hour for the time spent on a non-accredited learning activity. Since you may only claim up to 8.0 CEUs of non-accredited learning per learning record, you may need to document your learning on two or more learning records if your non-accredited activity is more than eight hours.

Learning records are designed to help you reflect on your learning activity. To facilitate more meaningful reflection of a non-accredited learning activity, ACP has set a limit of eight hours of non-accredited learning per learning record. Since the learning record requires you to identify the competencies, results, key elements, and impact associated with a learning activity, it may be easiest to record separate topics on separate learning records.

No, all CEUs must be claimed and documented on learning records for a current CE cycle.

No, you can only claim courses that you have attended or completed during the current CE cycle.

You are required to keep your documents (e.g., certificates of course completion, evidence of your implementation) for two years in case the college requires hard copies.

Basically, one hour of learning is equivalent to 1.0 CEU. You may claim to the nearest quarter of an hour for the time spent on a learning activity.

  • For an accredited activity, the number of CEUs is determined by the accrediting body.
  • For a non-accredited activity, the number of CEUs is equivalent to the amount of time you spend completing the learning activity. 

You may find accredited programs by visiting the CCCEP or ACPE websites. Alternatively, you may find potential accredited programs or events directly on the website of organizations that offer accredited programs, such as the following: