You can find links to all the forms required for the Structured Practical Training (SPT) program for pharmacy technicians at: pharmacists.ab.ca/structured-practical-training-pharmacy-technicians 

 Before beginning the SPT program for pharmacy technicians, a learner must: 

  • register on the provisional pharmacy technician register
  • find a site and a preceptor
  • submit a completed Pharmacy Technician SPT Notification Form to ACP, and
  • receive approval from ACP to begin the program. 

For more information about program requirements, please visit: pharmacists.ab.ca/structured-practical-training-pharmacy-technicians.

Eligibility requirements to be a preceptor for the Structured Practical Training (SPT) program for pharmacy technicians include:

  • Your preceptor must be a pharmacist or pharmacy technician who has been registered with ACP for two years or more
  • You must not be in a close personal relationship with your preceptor
  • Your site must be a licensed community or hospital pharmacy in good standing with ACP

For more information, please visit: pharmacists.ab.ca/structured-practical-training-pharmacy-technicians.