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2020-21 Continuing Competence Program requirements

March 3, 2021
Registrants must meet the requirements by their respective registration renewal deadlines. 

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (registrants) are required to participate in ACP’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP). Participating in the program allows registrants to grow professionally and keep up with new knowledge and changes in standards, guidelines, legislation, technology, and emerging trends in public expectations and pharmacy practice. 

In the past year alone, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have responded to many changes within the health system by learning and applying new information to provide safe and effective care for Albertans. 

For the 2020-21 CE cycle, the CCP requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are as follows: 

  1. Complete a minimum of 15 continuing education units (CEUs*) and document this learning in one or more learning record(s) (*equal to one hour of learning).
  2. Implement at least one CEU equivalent of learning into practice and document this in an implementation record. 
  3. Complete any prescribed learning activity that has been assigned by the competence committee. 

Pharmacists must complete their CCP requirements by May 31, 2021. Pharmacy technicians must complete their CCP requirements by November 30, 2021. These dates align with the deadlines to renew their registration.

Online learning for pharmacy professionals

Access to learning has changed significantly in the last year with many education providers moving their conferences and courses to virtual environments. This has increased access to education and professional development opportunities, making it more convenient for pharmacy professionals to attend and learn. 

The required learning for the 2020-21 CE cycle for pharmacists is to complete an online module on the Standards of Practice for Laboratory and Point-of-Care Testing. Pharmacy technicians must complete an online module on professionalism with a focus on leadership and active learning. 

For registrants who completed the two mandatory courses on awareness and prevention of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct during the 2020-21 CE cycle, each course is eligible for one hour of non-accredited learning (one CEU) and can be documented in a learning record.

Licensees are also required to complete Part B of the Licensee Education Program (LEP), which is eligible for four CEUs. Those applying to be a licensee must also complete Part A of the LEP as part of the application process. Current licensees are encouraged to complete Part A of the LEP, which is eligible for six CEUs. All registrants—pharmacists and pharmacy technicians—are encouraged to complete both Part A and Part B of the LEP to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of both the licensee and the proprietor’s agent in the operation of a pharmacy. Completing both parts of the LEP is eligible for a total of 10 CEUs.  This learning can be documented in learning records and licensees may consider implementing the learning and including it in an implementation record.