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ACP Council changes April 1

March 31, 2021
Council to include 50 per cent public members. 

Amendments to the Health Professions Act requiring that the council of all colleges that govern and regulate health professionals include 50 per cent individuals appointed by the Minister of Health come into effect on April 1, 2021. This is a significant transition for all colleges including ACP. 

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians were consulted last fall about proposed changes to ACP’s bylaws to accommodate the new requirements. ACP Council will include 14 individuals, including five elected pharmacist positions (two fewer than before), two elected pharmacy technician positions, and seven positions appointed by the Minister (four greater than before). Most colleges, including ACP, are awaiting Orders in Council, appointing the necessary number of public members to their council. 

In respecting the intent of the legislation, ex-officio/non-voting positions for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alberta Pharmacy Students Association, and Alberta pharmacy technician colleges were rescinded. ACP valued the participation and insights of individuals representing those organizations and remains fully committed to engagement with them in other ways. Success will only occur by continuing to work together. 

In its last meeting, President Dana Lyons extended appreciation on behalf of Council and our professions to elected and ex-officio/non-voting members whose terms on Council were shortened. Special appreciation was extended to Craig McAlpine (District 3-Edmonton) and Judi Parrott (District 5-Calgary) whose elected terms were shortened due to the dissolution of their elected positions in Edmonton and Calgary respectively. 

Next will be elections for pharmacy technician positions in District A (northern Alberta) and District B (southern Alberta). The period for applications to the nominating committee has closed, and the committee will be convening to consider slates of candidates to be recommended to Council for election. Elections for these positions will commence in late May and conclude in late June with successful candidates accepting their roles on July 1, 2021.