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ACP monitoring shortage of children’s pain relievers containing acetaminophen

August 24, 2022
Pharmacy teams must ensure compliance with the standards when repackaging for patients.

ACP is aware of a growing shortage of non-prescription children’s pain relievers containing acetaminophen, and that pharmacy teams have been repackaging from bulk supply to aid their patients. Repackaging of non-prescription medication is a temporary measure that can minimize the disruption of the drug supply. Once available, the commercially available product should be sourced again and any temporary measure to repackage the non-prescription medication should cease. Self-selection is NOT permitted for repackaged medications, and they must be stored within the dispensary where only pharmacy staff can access them.

When repackaging medication for resale, per Standard 7.3(b) of the Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians (SPPPT), items must be repackaged into child-resistant packaging unless

  1. the prescriber or patient directs otherwise,
  2. the pharmacist or the pharmacy technician is satisfied that child resistant packaging is not appropriate,
  3. child-resistant packaging is not suitable because of the form of the drug or blood product, or
  4. the pharmacist or the pharmacy technician is unable to obtain a child-resistant package for the drug or blood product because a supply of those packages is not reasonably available. 

The manufacturer’s suggested dose must be included in the labelling of a repackaged product. A copy of the manufacturer’s insert or the consumer information found in the product monograph must also be included with the repackaged product.

ACP will continue to monitor the situation and update pharmacy teams with further guidance if necessary.