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ACP welcomes the class of 2020!

September 7, 2016

ACP and its council would like to officially welcome the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences class of 2020 to the college!

You have chosen a profession that demands excellence; and the success you achieve in your education and career will be proportional to the quality and quantity of effort you put in. The hallmark of excellence begins with you – it means demonstrating a strong work ethic, exercising sound judgement, practicing with integrity, and always showing respect and compassion to those in your care. These are the defining characteristics in our profession that guide us in our promise to always put the well-being of our patients first.

Excellence in our work also means acting to uphold professional standards of practice. It means employing critical thinking skills, collaborating with others, and applying sound judgement to make informed decisions. At the college, we are here to support you in your development; and ensure you can learn, work and grow in an environment that supports quality practice and patient safety.

Times are rapidly changing in the practice of pharmacy in Alberta and we are excited to welcome a new generation of students who are eager to evolve, lead change and bring new perspectives to meet the rising needs of our diverse and growing communities. You are the future of pharmacy!