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Alberta’s influenza vaccine program begins in two weeks

October 3, 2018
Pharmacists’ role has expanded this year.

Influenza vaccine clinics in Alberta will open to the public on October 15, 2018.

The province has expanded the immunization program this year to allow pharmacists to give flu shots to those aged five and up. Previously, it was ages nine years and older.

In another change this year, pharmacists, and some physicians, are able to offer influenza immunization to residents and staff in supportive living facilities.

The province is offering one kind of flu vaccine. A four-strain injectable influenza vaccine produced by two manufacturers (Fluzone and Flulaval Tetra) will be offered to Albertans over the age of six months.

Alberta has 1.6 million doses of influenza vaccine for the 2018-19 flu season at a cost of $12.6 million, enough to immunize 35 per cent of the population.

The Influenza Immunization Program’s website has more information for the public about Alberta Health Service’s influenza clinics and schedules.

The Alberta Influenza Immunization policy includes information about the purpose of the policy, Alberta’s targets for influenza immunization, who is eligible, supply, distribution and administration of vaccine, cold chain management, adverse events, and recording and reporting requirements.

Or visit the ACP website for information and links about the upcoming influenza season.