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Are your professional declarations up-to-date?

February 1, 2017

Have you checked to make sure your professional liability insurance is current and valid? How about your First Aid and CPR certification?

On October 24, 2016, 264 pharmacists were randomly selected for a professional declarations audit. The Audit of Professional Declarations reviews pharmacists’ compliance with their declarations submitted during registration renewal. These pharmacists were notified by email and were requested to submit copies of their current professional liability insurance and where applicable, copies of their current CPR and First Aid certification. The majority (99 per cent) of pharmacists were compliant; however:

  • Two pharmacists had their authorization to administer drugs by injection removed due to expired or invalid (i.e., Level A or B CPR) certification; and
  • Three pharmacists were flagged for a direct audit next year due to a late submission of their requested documentation.

When you renew your practice permit, you must declare that:

  • you are in possession of valid professional liability insurance for the practice of pharmacy that:
    • provides at least two million dollars’ worth of personal coverage that is either claims-made or occurrence-based in nature; and
    • is personal and provides coverage in Alberta, regardless of your current employer;
    • you maintain valid professional liability insurance while on the clinical register regardless of whether you are working or residing in Alberta;
    • you understand that the status of your insurance coverage is subject to audit and that false or misleading statements concerning your coverage may be referred to the Complaints Director for further investigation and may result in a recommendation that your practice permit be cancelled

Additionally, if you have authorization to administer injections you declare that you will maintain valid CPR (minimum Level C) and First Aid certification (Standard or Emergency).

Tips to ensure compliance:

  1. Check the currency and validity of your professional liability insurance and First Aid/CPR certification (if applicable). Ensure it is current and meets the minimum requirements.
  2. Track the expiry dates of your liability insurance and First Aid/CPR certification (if applicable), and renew prior to these dates.
  3. Ensure your email address is up-to-date and that you read and respond to correspondence from the Alberta College of Pharmacists.
  4. Contact the Alberta College of Pharmacists if you have any questions about your registration and/or if your practice status changes

Originally published in the February 2, 2017, issue of The Link