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Call for anticoagulation mgmt in central Alberta

March 4, 2014

The Central Alberta Anticoagulation Clinic (CAAC) is inquiring if there are any pharmacies/pharmacists in Red Deer and the surrounding area who are currently (or considering) providing warfarin/anticoagulation management services. 

CAAC is located in the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre. The clinic’s target patient population is those with complex anticoagulation needs (dose initiation/stabilization, peri-operative bridging, etc). Once warfarin dosing has been stabilized and clients are educated about their role in maintaining a therapeutic INR, anticoagulation care is transferred back to the patient’s family physician.

CAAC has several patients who either don’t have a family physician or their family physician prefers not to manage their warfarin. CAAC does not have the resources to keep patients admitted long term and is currently running over capacity.

CAAC has identified community pharmacists with additional prescribing authority and the knowledge and ability to manage anticoagulation as healthcare providers who are well suited to provide chronic anticoagulation management services. If you are interested in playing a role, please contact:

Lisa Johnson (CAAC pharmacist)


Phone: 403-406-5502