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CCP Team Challenge – almost there!

October 19, 2016

Congratulations to the 978 pharmacy technicians who have completed the prescribed CCP Tutorial and Jurisprudence Self-Assessment! You are now on your way to meeting the program requirements by November 30, 2016.

After you’ve completed the two prescribed activities, your next step will be to complete 15 CEUs and document your learning activities on one or more Learning Records. Once this is complete, you will be ready to implement at least one of those CEUs into your practice and record it on an Implementation Record. All this can be done online in the CCP portal.

We’ve received a number of questions recently about implementation in general and completing an Implementation Record. If this is an area you’re struggling with, we encourage you to consult the FAQs below for clarification. Of course, you can always reach out to a member of the competence team.

Do I have to implement something that is directly related to my current practice?

No, what you choose to implement does not have to be directly related to your current practice. In the competence program, the term “practice” refers to the overall practice of pharmacists/pharmacy technicians. What you choose to implement could be related to your current practice, your future practice, or your overall professional practice. We recommend that you implement something that is meaningful, relevant, and beneficial to you and/or the people around you.

Can I start a new Implementation Record that I plan to submit in the following CE cycle?

No, you may only add and complete records that correspond to your current CE cycle. If you wish to prepare for a future implementation, consider using the Implementation Objective planning tool available in the Self-Assessment section of the portal. 

Can I implement learning that was completed in a previous CE cycle?

This is a continuing competence program and we encourage you to continuously build upon your knowledge and skills. You may implement learning that was completed in a previous CE cycle; however, your implementation still needs to be tied to one CEU worth of learning completed during the current CE cycle. Therefore, if you choose to implement learning that was completed in a previous CE cycle, you just need to complete one more CEU in the current CE cycle that is related to your objective.

What are the four implementation types?

For pharmacy technicians, you could:

  1. Collaborate with a pharmacist to support patient care
  2. Develop, implement, or evaluate a policy, procedure, tool, or program
  3. Contribute to a health promotional activity and/or educate a patient or another health care professional
  4. Perform a new/reinforced skill or technique and demonstrate competence to a peer

What are the requirements of an implementation?

Your implementation must:

  • Directly involve the application of at least one CEU
  • Relate to one of the pharmacy domains (pharmacy practice, medical/medication/device knowledge, or systems-based practice)
  • Result in one of the following outcomes:
  • Affect another individual (e.g., a patient, a coworker, another healthcare professional)
  • Produce evidence of implementation