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CCP Team Challenge – less than a month to go!

November 2, 2016

With less than a month to go before CCP requirements are due, a total of 1084 pharmacy technicians have completed the prescribed CCP Tutorial and Jurisprudence Self-Assessment. For those who have yet to complete these activities, we encourage you to get started ASAP – November 30 will be here before you know it!

Of course, the prescribed activities are just the first step in your CCP journey. You’ll also need to complete 15 CEUs, document your learning activities on one or more Learning Records, implement at least one CEU into your practice, and record what you’ve implemented on an Implementation Record. When all that is done, you will be ready to submit your professional portfolio for the first time!

Still a little unclear when it comes to Learning Records and Implementation Records? You’re not alone. We’ve had lots of questions about these records recently. To clear up some of the confusion, we’ve compiled a list of Learning & Implementation Record myths.

Learning Record myths

Myth: I cannot claim CEUs for learning activities that have been accredited for pharmacists.

False. Any time spent acquiring or reinforcing knowledge or skill related to pharmacy practice may be counted towards CEUs. If you complete a learning activity that is not accredited for pharmacy technicians, but related to pharmacy practice, you may claim non-accredited CEUS for it by completing a Learning Record.

Myth: Once I have completed 15 CEUs or submitted my professional portfolio, I can apply any new CEU to the next CE cycle.

False. You cannot transfer CEUs to a different CE cycle. You may only claim CEUs for learning completed in the corresponding CE cycle (December 1st to November 30th of the following year).

Implementation Record myths

Myth: My Implementation Record may only be tied to ONE Learning Record or ONE CEU.

False. You are expected to select all the Learning Records that are relevant to your implementation. This may consist of multiple Learning Records and more than one CEU 

Myth: For my Implementation Record, I am only able to upload ONE PAGE for my evidence.

False. You are only able to upload ONE file but that file may consist of multiple pages. If you wish to upload multiple pages, you would have to scan all the pages into one electronic file. Once your document is available electronically, click on the “Upload” link and follow the instructions.

Myth: I may not use re-certification as my implementation.

False. If you performed the new/reinforced skill and demonstrated competence to a peer, then this may be considered a “peer verification of skills” and may be used as your implementation. However, according to the rules, a similar objective demonstrating the same skill/technique may not be repeated in the following two CE cycles. You may choose to demonstrate competence to a peer in a different skill in the following CE cycle.