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Changes for internationally educated pharmacist graduates entering practice

October 4, 2023
Changes offer more flexibility for those looking to come to Alberta.

ACP Council has approved policy changes that provide greater flexibility for internationally educated pharmacist graduates (IEPGs) looking to practise as a pharmacist in Alberta.

Effective immediately, the changes are as follows:

  • ACP may now admit an IEPG applicant to the provisional pharmacist register (i.e., interns) once they provide evidence of successful completion of any one of the
    • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Qualifying Examination Part I (MCQ),
    • PEBC Qualifying Examination Part II (OSCE), or
    • Certificate to Canadian Pharmacy Practice (CCPP) program.
  • IEPGs are no longer required to obtain an experienced preceptor to complete the Structured Practical Training (SPT) program for provisional pharmacists.
  • An IEPG applicant is no longer required to provide proof of enrolment in the CCPP program to be eligible for the provisional pharmacist register. However, completion of the CCPP program is still required prior to becoming a pharmacist in Alberta.

For more information, visit ACP’s Initial registration (pharmacists) webpage.