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Changes to the learning record template

June 12, 2019
Evidence of learning activities must be retained, but uploading evidence to your learning record is no longer required.

It’s never too early to start working on your learning record for the current CE cycle. When you do, you’ll notice some changes have been made to the learning record template within the CCP portal.  From the responses received in the post-submission survey, registrants expressed some ideas on how to improve the learning record. The Competence Committee used that feedback to inform the changes they made.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are no longer required to upload evidence of a learning activity within the learning record (e.g., certificate or document of learning). Instead, registrants will be asked to continue to provide the accreditation body and associated accreditation number. As per the CCP program rules, pharmacy professionals are still required to retain the supporting documentation to verify the clinical pharmacist’s or pharmacy technician’s participation in and completion of learning activities, including any certificates, diplomas, proof of registration, course programs, handouts, or personal notes, for a period of two years.

Other changes on the form include a revision to some of the questions asked to improve clarity and a reordering of some of the questions. The feedback we have received on the new learning record form has been positive, as registrants are pleased with the response and changes. We encourage pharmacy professionals to continue providing feedback on the program, as the Competence Committee finds this very useful for discussions on program revisions.

As the current CE cycle progresses and registrants create learning and implementation records, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are reminded that the information they provide in the records should be in their own words. The detailing of their learning and implementation experiences needs to reflect their personal journey in their learning and work. The meaningful learning they are reporting must be relevant to their own work and reflected accordingly in the learning and implementation records. If a pharmacy professional is found to have copied or plagiarized another’s work, they may be referred to the complaints director as per the Health Professions Act section 51.1(1) for providing false or misleading information. We encourage pharmacy professionals to collaborate and work with each other in their learning, but the records created must be in their own words, and a reflection of what they learned and implemented into their own professional practice.

Additional information and tips on how to complete the CCP is available in the CCP tutorial which can be found in the Self-Assessment/Prescribed Activities section of the CCP portal or on our website. For more information on the program, please refer to CCP requirements, review the FAQs, and/or contact a member of the competence department.