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Changing patient expectations through more consistent pharmacy experiences

March 17, 2021
How ACP will achieve the five goals in our 2021-25 Strategic Plan.                      

Innovations in how pharmacy is practised and how services are delivered—many enabled by new technologies—will create new opportunities for Albertans. They will be increasingly enabled to participate in and make choices about their health care, including when and how they receive it. ACP has developed a five-year strategic plan to better prepare the college and our regulated members to succeed in this continuously changing environment.

Central to the plan is preparing regulated members to perform their core responsibilities well. To achieve this, ACP’s core programs will be enhanced to provide better assurance that pharmacy professionals are prepared for success in Alberta’s health system, creating more consistent patient experiences and expectations.

Within the plan, Council approved the following five strategic goals, having considered ACP’s core responsibilities in context with the college’s vision, mission, and values.

Goal #1: All applicants are ready to practise pharmacy in Alberta’s health system.

All applicants to ACP must be able to demonstrate competencies, values, and professional behaviours important to pharmacy teams’ roles and responsibilities in Alberta’s health system.

Goal #2: There is a modern and relevant framework to regulate pharmacy practice.

A modern and relevant legislative framework will enable practice innovations, balanced with necessary authorities for the college to ensure practice is conducted in a manner that is safe and in the public’s best interest.

Goal #3: Licensees are qualified and held responsible for practice in their pharmacy.

Licensees are responsible for the operation of, and practices in, their pharmacies. This includes consistent demonstration of ethical and professional behaviours that are patient-centred and committed to improving the health of individuals, families, and their communities.

Goal #4: Data intelligence is used by registrants and the college to make more informed decisions.

The success of the college and its regulated members depends on becoming more proficient in collecting, analyzing, and using relevant data to make better decisions. The ability to use relevant data from multiple sources in an informed and timely manner is important to meeting the changing needs and expectations of individuals, families, and our communities.

Goal #5: Registrants identified as not being able to meet practice expectations demonstrate practice improvement.

Where it is determined that a registrant does not meet the practice expectations of the college, the registrant must demonstrate practice improvement to a level acceptable to the college. Improved and more consistent pharmacy practices will better meet the needs, and shape the expectations, of Albertans.

When patients consistently experience quality pharmacy practices that effectively meet their personal needs and preferences, we can be confident that we have protected and served the public’s best interest.