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Congratulations Centennial Award of Distinction recipients!

March 22, 2011

The Centennial Committee extends congratulations to the 103 outstanding recipients selected for the Alberta Pharmacy Centennial Award of Distinction. This once-in-a-century award recognizes the outstanding contributions of the individuals who helped advanced pharmacy in Alberta to the leadership position it holds today.


Who are the recipients?

Congratulations Centennial Award of Distinction recipients!

Recipients of this award include nominated individuals from all decades and all parts of the province over the past 100 years. These individuals have contributed to the advancement of pharmacy in Alberta through their practice, be it with direct patient care, by teaching future pharmacists, in developing products or supports for pharmacy practice, or expanding the scope and opportunities for pharmacy practice in Alberta.

Their contributions, practice settings, and methods vary, but all recipients share common features. They are skilled professionals and innovators who have improved the profession and who ensured Albertans benefited from safe, effective, responsible pharmacy practice.

Biographies of all recipients will be posted on the centennial website in April.

Alberta Pharmacy Centennial Award of Distinction recipients (* non-pharmacist)


Dr. T. H. (Ted) Aaron*
Margaret Ackman
Erin Albrecht
Eli Ambrosie
John Bachynsky
Rosemary Bacovsky
Judy Baker
Margaret Baril
Mary Bell
Cathy Biggs
Rosemarie Biggs
Walter Boddy
Fred Boyle
Cynthia Brocklebank
Tammy Bungard
Donald Cameron
Susan Casey
Dale Cooney
Ron Coutts*
Stan Dabisza
Herb Dixon
Greg Eberhart
Edmonton Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary*
Iris Evans*
Noel Farrow
Michael Faulkner*
Borys Ferbey
Bunny Ferguson*
Michelle Foisy
Val Fong
Erwin Friesen
Susan Fryters
Halley H. Gaetz
Margaret Gray
George H. Graydon

Joe Gustafson
Doreen Hagen
Peter Hamilton*
Bob Heim
Teresa Hennessey*
John Higinbotham
Gail Hufty*
Christine Hughes
Merv Huston
Moe Jamali
Kathy James Fairbairn
N. Gordon Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Sheila Kelcher
Donna Kowalishin
Doug Levy
Richard Lewanczuk*
Stan Lissack
Steve Long
Ron MacLean
Elaine MacPhail
Walter Maday
Tracy Marsden
Elizabeth (Bette) Matheson
A. Whitney Matthews*
Paddy Meade*
Charles Meagher
Sharon Mitchell
Dick Moskalyk
Dr. Gordon Myers
Herman Neufeld
Antoine (Tony) Noujaim
Dr. L. R. Ohlhauser*
Franco Pasutto
Glen Pearson
Ken Penley
Clarence Pickup
Donna Pipa
Joan Pitfield*
Ron Pohar
Linda Poloway
Diane Reeder*
Lori Romonko-Slack
Cheryl Sadowski
Alan Samuelson
Dwayne Samycia
Terri Schindel
Heidi Schulz*
Larry Shipka
John W. B.  Shipley*
Bill Shores*
Rick Siemens
Annie Simpson
Scot Simpson
Marlene Louise Slipp
Roberta Stasyk
Joseph H Stepa*
Joe Tabler
Marilyn Thornton
Ross Tsuyuki
Deb Van Haaften
Clarence Weppler
Jeff Whissell
Margaret Wing
Dale Wright
Nese Yuksel
Doreen Zinyk