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Council approves model agreement for compounding and repackaging pharmacies providing services to licensed pharmacies in Saskatchewan

December 21, 2017

*The model agreement referred to in this article is no longer in effect. 

Council has approved a model agreement required by Alberta-based pharmacies holding a Compounding and Repackaging Licence that compound or repackage drugs for pharmacies located in Saskatchewan. This model agreement is reasonably consistent with that previously provided when serving community pharmacies licensed in Alberta, except that it has been enhanced to better reflect correlation with Saskatchewan legislation.

Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacies that provide, or intend to provide, services to licensed pharmacies located in Saskatchewan are requested to use this model to establish the agreements required by Sec. 19 of the Pharmacy and Drug Regulation in 2018. Where services may already be provided, these agreements must be completed forthwith; and where they are anticipated, they must be completed before services being initiated.

Pharmacy licensees are reminded that a model agreement was not achievable with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (CPBC) due to limitations in their current legislation. Until such a model agreement can be accommodated, Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacies located in Alberta must not provide services to pharmacies located in British Columbia.

In conclusion, licensees holding a Compounding and Repackaging licence are reminded that

  • compounding and repackaging must only occur pursuant to receiving a prescription or in anticipation of a prescription in the short term;
  • pharmacies cannot compound or repackage a controlled substance for redistribution to another pharmacy except
    • on a written order specifying that an amount of the controlled substance is required for emergency purposes; or
    • if the compounding and repackaging pharmacy is a licensed dealer under the Narcotic Control Regulations;
  • this licence does not authorize the distribution of compounded or repackaged drugs directly to patients, only to the community or licensed pharmacy that they receive care from.