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COVID-19 vaccines classified as Schedule II

January 20, 2021
Vaccines requiring special enhanced public access due to disease outbreaks are considered Schedule II.

ACP has been receiving questions to clarify the scheduling of COVID-19 vaccines and has brought this question to the attention of the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) who administer the National Drug Schedules (NDS) Program.  According to NAPRA:

The COVID-19 vaccines are Schedule II drug products.

NAPRA has indicated that, “Vaccines that have not been reviewed individually by the National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee are not specifically mentioned in the NDS, as is the case with COVID-19 vaccines. However, these products are still subject to the general vaccine listings,” found on the NAPRA website. These generic vaccine listings indicate that vaccines “requiring special enhanced public access due to disease outbreaks” are Schedule II.   

As the COVID-19 vaccines require special enhanced public access due to the current global disease outbreak, these vaccines are classified as Schedule II.